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Great cabinetry companies pay close attention to every stop of the process, from the acquisition of the wood to the final layer of lacquer. There’s no company that takes that obligation more seriously than Wellborn. They even keep a timber processing mill on site to ensure that every step of the cabinet-building process is carried out perfectly.

Wellborn Cabinetry

Wellborn Cabinetry has been manufacturing cabinetry of the utmost quality for more than 50 years. They control every element of their operation, even keeping a timber processing mill owned by the company on site. Every single aspect of their cabinets is done by hand under the close supervision of their most experienced cabinet makers, from the frames to the doors.

What Sets Wellborn Apart?

Wellborn has a remarkable six full product lines, giving you an extremely wide range of options to choose from. They even offer a program called “You Draw It” that, as the name implies, involves having a customer draw a picture of their ideal cabinet. Wellborn then uses that picture during the cabinet’s design process. Wellborn is best known for their kitchen and bathroom cabinets, but they actually offer cabinetry for the whole home.

Quality Assurance

As you might expect from a company that keeps its timber processing mill on site, Wellborn takes quality assurance extremely seriously. They personally inspect every single piece of wood used for every single cabinet to make sure it’s of the highest quality possible. When you purchase a product from Wellborn, you can be sure that it will be dependable, durable and beautiful every single time.

Built to Order

Wellborn puts a great deal of care into every single cabinet they sell. Their product is entirely built to order, with every component placed under the closest scrutiny during the construction process. They offer a remarkably deep level of customizability as well, allowing the client to get precisely the product they want every time.

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