Premium Quartz Collection

Quarts BathroomQuartz has the same durability as concrete and granite, but is quite a bit more forgiving, so it will not chip or crack as easily.

We offer premium brands proven to perform. The collection is based on the most popular colors in the entire country with a designer edge upgrade. Guaranteed in Stock with a 15-year product warranty.


Kurtis Kitchen & Bath is a one stop shop for all your countertop needs. We take care of everything from demo to installation. Being a full-service provider, we can also supply any of your plumbing needs as well making the project less stressful.

Our countertops are made using robotic automation, waterjet technology and industry leading software to give you the most precise, innovative and beautiful product.

During template, a design specialist will visit your home to triple check all selections and assure all measurements are perfect before sending to fabrication.

Our products are installed by a Certified Professional Installation Team.

Pros of Quartz

  • Consistent beautiful colors.
  • Quartz has the same durability as concrete and granite, but is quite a bit more forgiving, so it will not chip or crack as easily.
  • The surface of quartz countertops will not absorb liquids, making clean up easier and more effective. If you work with raw vegetables, fish or meat in your kitchen, then engineered stone will prove an asset to food safety.


Price Assurance Guarantee

We are confident that our countertop solution will provide the greatest value for your money that we include a price assurance guarantee. If within 30 days of the contract date, you obtain a qualifying quote, we will refund the difference you paid plus an additional $100.

Premium Services We Offer

Chip Minimizer

A chip minimizer is a rounded edge on the inside perimeter of your sink cutout. It reduces the risk of chipping the edge. Chips are commonly caused by banging or hitting cookware on the cutout itself. A chip minimizer gives you the freedom to use your new kitchen without the worry of damaging your counter, keeping your sink cutout looking new. The chip minimizer comes with a lifetime chip repair warranty.


Custom Layout

One of the most beautiful qualities of stone such as granite, marble, quartz and quartzite is its highly distinctive patterns and color variations. With a custom layout, we can help you choose where your stone’s most dramatic shifts in pattern and/or color will appear on your countertop.

A skilled technician will work with a digital image of your exact slab and your exact countertop layout.


What Quartz Countertop Is Right For You

Kurtis Kitchen & Bath, the leader in Premium Quartz countertops carries Zodiaq, Silestone, Four Elements and Aurea, quartz, each of which provides unique benefits for your countertop needs.



The solid surface products sold by Zodiaq are specially crafted for use by the most discerning of buyers. Created using pure quartz crystals, these surfaces have a glow and sheen unmatched elsewhere in the industry. Zodiaq surfaces also use eco-friendly, low-emitting materials.


Silestone is a compound composed of 94% quartz, with the look and feel of a traditional quartz surface. Because Silestone is not porous, it is extremely resistant to stains and acidic chemicals. Silestone more than retains its durability and will wear down very slowly. Finally, Silestone has a bacteriostatic protection system, which breaks bacteria down before it has an opportunity to grow and cause potential problems, such as sickness or contamination.

The Four Elements

The Four Elements (4E) quartz collection offers colors & patterns in elemental palettes to suit any decor … inspired by breezy AIR, cool WATER, passionate FIRE and the grounding quality of EARTH. Best of all, 4E brings the benefits of quartz countertops to every home with affordable quality and absolutely no compromises … ever.

Aurea Stone

The most realistic marble-look quartz you can buy, Aurea Stone brings you whiter whites, superlative translucency, and unmatched depth & movement … all with an easy-clean surface with ultra-low absorption, to resist even stubborn stains like red wine. Now enjoy clean, crisp white marble looks, without the headaches!

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