Marbelite takes limestone and makes it even more desirable. The Marbelite company begins by mixing pure limestone with high-strength resin to increase the material’s durability. Next, they add color pigments to enhance its beauty. Finally, they top it with a sanitary coating to make it resistant to bacterial growth.

The composition of Marbelite gives it many unique advantages over traditional stone. As such, it is a fantastic option for those who like stone’s look but are in the market for something a bit more specialized. If you’re looking for a new surface for your bathroom, Marbelite is a wonderful choice.

What Sets Marbelite Surfaces Apart?

The limestone used to craft marbelite is extremely durable from the start, but the Marbelite company goes even further, mixing the limestone with high-strength resin to make it even more resilient than it would otherwise be.

Easy to Clean

Marbelite is very simple to maintain. Simply clean it occasionally with spray foam or liquid detergent and a bit of hot water. This should take care of any and all spills, provided they are not left unattended for too long. Even if the material does stain, using a bit of non-abrasive cleaner will get it out right away, restoring your Marbelite counter to its former beauty.

Visual Impact

As it is made primarily from pure limestone, Marbelite can’t help but look absolutely beautiful. It goes without saying that it will greatly improve the aesthetic impact of any room in which it is installed.

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