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KraftMaid started over 50 years ago as a small cabinet company out of Northwest Ohio. They made every cabinet by hand for a small group of clients and earned a reputation for expert craftsmanship. Today they still hand-make every cabinet they produce with the same level of focus and care that earned them their fame in the first place.

KraftMaid has grown tremendously to become one of the most popular and widely known cabinet manufacturers in the world. Every cabinet they produce is made in northwest Ohio where they started all those years ago. Even though their orders have gotten bigger and their name has grown, they still take the time to build every cabinet and prepare every material with the same level of care and focus that they always have.

What Sets KraftMaid Apart?

Unlike many major cabinetry companies, every product sold by KraftMaid is assembled by hand with remarkable attention to detail. KraftMaid offers a wide range of wall-mounted and base cabinets, each of which is carefully outfitted with high-quality wood and comes standard with KraftMaid’s remarkable Whisper Touch hinges and drawer runners. You won’t find a more lovingly assembled product from a major player in the industry.

Time-Tested Materials

KraftMaid uses only the highest quality woods for their cabinets, from oak to cherry, birch, hickory and maple. Plus, all the wood they use is fully renewable, so your cabinet will have no negative impact upon the planet. Once you select your wood, they’ll sand and smooth it, brush it with enamel and finish to color it, and apply a topcoat to make it shine beautifully and increase its durability.


Perhaps the most remarkable thing about KraftMaid’s products is how customizable they are. KraftMaid’s products are, in their own words, “100% built to order.” You get to choose your favorite wood, your chosen style and your cabinet’s finish to make sure it perfectly fits the look of your kitchen. They’ll even build it to fit the specifications of your space. That’s the kind of customer service you’ll rarely get from a company as large and as in demand as KraftMaid, but that’s exactly what makes them so special.

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