Precision Engineering

Grohe creates American products with a European sensibility, giving their fixtures a unique look and feel. They’ve earned a remarkable 27 Red Dot awards for their design work, all while maintaining the highest level of functionality and making technological innovations like their Zero alloy and StarLight surfaces.

What Sets Grohe Apart?

Grohe obviously puts a lot of time and consideration into making their products look beautiful, but it’s certainly not all about looks. At Grohe, they believe that beauty and functionality should stand side by side, rather than one taking precedence over the other. The company has won 27 Red Dot awards for their design work, and it’s clear from using a single Grohe product that they earned every single one of them.


Grohe is one of the most innovative companies in their field. Their EcoJoy bathroom system allows the user to conserve water without limiting the power and functionality of the showerhead or faucet. Grohe’s Zero alloy and StarLight surfaces make their products exceptionally durable and beautiful. BlueCore technology helps regulate water usage and temperature automatically. It is technologies like these that separates good products from great ones.


Every product Grohe produces is tested tirelessly to ensure its quality and functionality. All of their products, whether they’re faucets, showers or accessories, are put through a rigorous quality control regimen where technicians simulate the effect of 20 years of daily use upon them using hard water. This allows them to weed out lesser products and only offer clients and distributors the very best.

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