Corian is an acclaimed manufacturer of solid surface products, and based upon their reputation and quality, it’s easy to see that this brand is entirely trustworthy. With their focus on quality control and the versatility of their product line, Corian exemplifies the core values of Kurtis Kitchen & Bath.


What Sets Corian Solid Surfaces Apart?

With Corian solid surface products on your side, the sky’s the limit as far as creativity is concerned. No matter what your vision might be, Corian products can achieve it. Do you want a surface that is full of color and vibrancy? Do you want a totally translucent or neutral surface for a more modern and sleek look? Regardless of the shape, look, tone or feel you require for your solid state product, Corian can and will deliver.


Deep Color

One of Corian’s most unique products is their DeepColor line. These products come in a remarkable array of colors, all of which have a great deal of depth of color, including Deep Black Quartz, Deep Espresso, Deep Night Sky and Deep Space. These products are not only beautiful, they’re also more colorfast than Corian’s traditional products. They’re even more durable, making scratching a full 50% less likely.



Corian products can be used in a remarkably diverse array of applications. They are used everywhere from private homes to hospitals to heavily trafficked public spaces. No matter what your application might entail, you can be sure that a Corian solid surface product can stand up to its demands.