Trending Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for 2019 and 2020

Everyone admires innovative kitchen remodeling ideas and kitchen design tips. One may be walking around one’s Utica, MI, home and then realize it’s time to make plans for kitchen remodeling. If so, we would like to share some of the very latest design innovations and emerging trends. Below are just a few of the hottest kitchen remodeling ideas. One may wish to consider them if the goal is to create both inspired and fashionable kitchen design concepts:

Dark and darker – Many of us think of kitchens as bright and sunny spaces, but it might surprise those planning some kitchen remodeling in Utica (and anywhere else, for that matter) to discover that darkly colored countertops and dark colored cabinets are a strong trend. This is particularly true of darker stone kitchen counters that are finished with a matte or flat finish. When paired up with colors not usually put to use on cabinets, such as slate grey or deep blue, they create an amazing esthetic. Partnered with stainless appliances, paler walls and ceilings and lighter hues above, the effect is amazing. When looking at kitchen remodeling ideas, consider if a dark on dark palette fits the bill.

Floor to ceiling storage – Some kitchen designs or floor plans have areas of open space. Specifically, some blank walls might work well with floor to ceiling storage. If so, one’s kitchen remodeling in Utica could be incredibly on trend. Full wall and functional storage is one of the hottest ways to use space that might once have been left blank, featured oversized wall art or even mapped out as a spot for a bench or desk. Instead, one can clean off the counters and mask any “visual chaos” with cabinetry that matches all of the rest, but also brings a bit of drama.

Reconsider the appliances – While many kitchen remodeling ideas emphasize the options in floors, cabinetry, wall finishes, and countertops, one can also consider the appliances. Today, there are many “statement” pieces, capable of integrating with very specific kitchen design. As an example, all of the retro refrigerators and ovens designed to look straight out of the 1940s and 1950s can work well with a remodel that has that same esthetic. However, there are statement pieces of almost any era or style, and a kitchen remodeling project in Utica could offer that vintage esthetic, whether it is a turn of the century, Gatsby-inspired, or Retro “Fiesta Ware” look.

Look up – Another of the easily overlooked kitchen remodeling ideas involves the lighting. One can make a huge impact in the overall kitchen design just by choosing a stylish fixture. For instance, the basic kitchen island can be vastly improved with a large, statement light fixture hanging above. The latest trend, though, is for linear design; in other words, rather modern and clean esthetics that don’t use a lot of flourishes. They can have an industrial look or a contemporary vibe, but the goal is for them to be clean and simple, with an added touch of character.

Islands on their own – While kitchen islands have long existed and remained entirely on trend, the use of freestanding islands unique in design and material from the rest of the kitchen are a hot trend. Designed to look like unique furnishings, these islands will have legs or feet of their own and retain an open and airy look and finish. They can be plumbed or fitted with other equipment, but the goal is to give them a style unique from cabinetry.

Forget the handles – Another of the fun and interesting trends to integrate into kitchen remodeling projects is to forgo storage that requires handles or pulls. Instead, opt for cabinetry that is without hardware of any kind. This can mean drawers with cut out or inset spaces meant to replace the need for pulls. This is a much more seamless and clean finish and works amazingly well in a kitchen with a modern or even an earthier esthetic. Keep in line with this by eliminating doors on upper cabinets or cutting out the cabinets altogether and opting for open shelves with minimalist collections of flatware, cups and other items.

Mix it up – Of course, one can also have a lot of fun with handles and pulls when mixing metals. Shiny brass knobs paired with brushed brass pulls and against a sink with stainless fixtures will actually work when careful design is used. The same goes for brassy faucet sets in kitchens with stainless appliances, and so on. It is all about the design.

Stone expands its reach – We did already mention that darker stone countertops are a hot trend, but the use of stone is expanding beyond this surface. In fact, many kitchens will feature all stone backsplashes and even shelves made of stone. This is part of a trend towards “seamless” design, and so the single material stretching from counter, up the wall and into the shelf can be stone or marble as easily as wood or tile. This is a good opportunity to brainstorm with a kitchen design company in Utica to get their opinion on what would look well in the space.

A hood with an attitude – Lastly, when doing a kitchen remodel, never forget that the oven hood can be a remarkable statement or expression of kitchen design. Have it made from a unique material, give it a bold dash of color, have it take a unique and eye catching form…the idea is to make it a standout and statement that emphasizes the esthetic of the overall kitchen design.

These kitchen remodeling trends can work for anyone who wants to enjoy the latest kitchen configurations, cabinets and appliances. If one sees some trends that would work in the kitchen, it may be time to call in a Utica, MI, area kitchen remodeling company. Offering comprehensive design and installation services, they are aware of all of the hottest trends and will be able to help create a dream kitchen that offers trendy style and quality design for years to come.