Top Tips for the Best Kitchen Design Experience

Here’s the thing about kitchen design – it is not as easy as it looks. If one is planning to do some kitchen remodeling in Royal Oak and it seems it’s going to be as simple as making an inspiration board or clipping images from magazines and websites, a person may be headed for trouble. After all, it can be far to easy to overspend on kitchen remodeling even if one is just in the planning stages. This is because it’s possible to find some great cabinets commit to them, and come up short on everything else.

So, to help with any sort of kitchen design (whether it is for a new build or for some kitchen remodeling in Royal Oak), we offer a few simple steps to follow:

Select a Design Identity

We won’t use the word “style,” because that can change as time passes. However, a fundamental design identity rarely shifts very far in any given direction. What we mean is this – if one is a fan of earthy materials and a range of tones from green to terra cotta, it’s unlikely that one’s kitchen remodel will use a huge array of modern and cold materials in blues or metallics. A person might love the looks of such styles, but one of the best things one can do where kitchen design (or any home design) is concerned, is to be accurate about identity.

So, take a few moments and jot down the kinds of materials, colors, and even feelings the kitchen design should evoke. Should it be a modern space that is bright and clean? Maybe it’s homey and cozy with rich hues and textures? This is an important step and we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to success with kitchen remodeling in Royal Oak.

Know Trends, But Don’t Be a Slave to Them

Other things one will want to be aware of before sitting down with an expert in kitchen design are any trends in kitchen remodels. Why? After all, if a person is going to work with an expert in kitchen remodeling in Royal Oak, shouldn’t they let one know about such things? While they can, one doesn’t want to feel overwhelmed by a sudden flood of new information.

Instead, it is far better if one learns about the hot trends to see if anything catches the eye. That stone countertop trend or the use of brass fixtures may be appealing, and if one is aware of it ahead of time, a person can make the most of any meetings with a kitchen remodeling expert.

Try to Leave Plumbing Alone

Though this is not a big part of the kitchen design process, it is a factor where budget is concerned. Moving gas, water and drain lines can be extremely expensive, and when one is just beginning to think about kitchen remodeling in Royal Oak, it might be wise to do so knowing that most of the plumbing will remain in its original position. This is not to say a person can’t relocate some of it, but the more spent on relocating these pieces, the less one can put towards the rest of the remodel.

Go ahead and shift around the appliances, add a free-standing island, and create a better traffic flow. Many of these changes can bring about the new design without moving plumbing or gas lines.

Be Smart about Hardware

While one of the hot trends in kitchen remodeling is to leave lower cabinets without pulls or handles, when one does invest in hardware, speak to an expert about the best hardware choices. Whether it is basic pulls and knobs, hinges or glides, a person will be eternally grateful to them for providing info on premium, long-lasting options that perform for years without any glitches or failure in function. Because the vintage look is in, one may feel inspired to reclaim older hardware – we suggest not spending the time or resources on this because it is unlikely to provide the quality results that newer, premium hardware affords.

Mismatch Metals, But Not Appliances

One might read in many kitchen design and remodel articles that it’s okay to pair up mixed metals. For example, some professional designers partner a brass finish faucet set to stainless steel cabinets. While that esthetic can work, when done properly, it does not apply to appliances. The classic rule of thumb still applies. In other words, go for refrigerators, ovens or ranges, dishwashers and other appliances from the same manufacturer and from the same design or line.

In fact, the mix and match concept in kitchen remodels applies to everything except the appliances. As an example, one can use pieces that seem inspired by multiple eras, such as a free-standing island in a pale, natural wood set in a kitchen with darker stained cabinetry and richly stained wood or tile floors. As long as one doesn’t upset the apple cart with four different branded appliances in different finishes, the whole mix and match concept can work.

The key, as one might guess, is to work with kitchen remodeling experts. A local Royal Oak kitchen remodeling company can walk a person through the entire design process from planning to install. They can design and build everything from the floor plan to final finishing touches. They’ll also ensure that the mood and look is achieved; along with creating a fully functional kitchen. When it comes to a kitchen remodel, nothing should be left to chance. Working with a kitchen specialist is how ideas become reality: the professionals ask questions one may never have considered, because they know how to translate a vision into the finished product.

Before one begins making plans or exploring styles, it’s important to sit down with experts to discuss the best route for remodeling and planning. Take a look through their gallery of project photos to find an endless supply of inspiration, ideas and options for a new kitchen.