Hottest Trends for Remodeled Bathrooms in 2019

The year 2019 is only a few months old and lots of unique trends have already emerged where remodeled bathrooms are concerned. In this article, we are going to explore the kinds of work that contractors and designers have been emphasizing, including an array of innovative styles in vanities, sinks, tubs, showers, fixtures, and much more. For anyone who has been considering some bathroom remodeling in Livonia, here are some ideas to think about before beginning the project.

Black is Back

Although the famous Benjamin Moore paint company selected a rather cool gray hue for its 2019 color of the year, designers are happy to point out that in remodeled bathrooms, it is all about black rather than gray. For 2018, darker tones in the bath (especially in vanities and cabinetry) were a major focus. This has continued and deepened with black bathrooms now a hot choice.

Does it mean that a new remodel will include a bathroom that is floor to ceiling black? No. The trend is to replace anything that would have been in a paler gray tone with a rich black. For example, the look can feature black cabinetry, black fixtures, or black flooring with white tile or marble accents. The contrast can be strong and left unaccented with some additions of color, or heightened by the appearance of a few warmer shades.

Vintage Glam

Also, if one is doing some bath remodeling in a Livonia home, it’s important to speak with the team about the popularity of gold and brass fixtures. These old-school hues are making a bit of a return, and will look great in vintage-inspired, or even contemporary spaces. As a simple example, remodeled bathrooms may feature gold or brass finish towel and grasp bars, fixtures and handles, and even treated and exposed plumbing. When contrasted against a basic white bath design, it gives the entire space an appealing, antique vibe.

Think Pink

Another of the trendy shades for 2019 is a hue that blends adobe and blush. It is already appearing almost everywhere, but is particularly popular with a bath remodel. Walls done in a blush shade or floor tiles accented with them are especially savvy ways to use the hue, and this is a color that will look particularly well when paired up with the brass and gold trend (above).

Vanities Go Industrial

Industrial-style sinks and vanities are another of the hottest trends for 2019 bath remodels. Naturally, industrial doesn’t work in all spaces, but if one is planning bath remodeling in Livonia, don’t overlook the opportunity that an industrial-inspired design might provide. It can be sleek or classic, it can coordinate with the color scheme or pop against it, and the industrial design tends to look really amazing in smaller spaces.

Wooden Hues

While black is a hot color for remodeled bathrooms   and vanities, the use of wood is also on the rise. Natural, warmer tones can be introduced and used to complement an array of colors, ranging from creamy white to rich green. In fact, many are partnering wooden accents with industrial pieces such as an industrial sink fitted into a lightly stained wooden vanity.

Tubs Go Big

Spa-like bath designs are becoming popular. One will see a lot of spaces that sport an oversized bathtub. Usually set atop a decorative pedestal, the tub is often set in a larger, open space and separated from the rest of the bathroom by a set of glass doors. It is not a hot tub or jacuzzi, however, just an enormous tub. The good news is that bathroom remodeling can allow for most any home to have just such a space.

Surrounded by tiled floors and walls, the oversized tub becomes a retreat and could be just the thing to turn a regular bathroom into a getaway.

Odd Bursts of Color

One of the most creative ways to enjoy some bath remodeling in Livonia is to determine how to add bursts of color that really spice up a space. As an example, let’s say one has a bath tiled in white or cream and some color is desired in the space. Vanities or tubs in bold and unusual hues are the way to go. An oversized, free-standing tub in a contrasting shade of teal or green would be a potent statement and bring an instant update to that bathroom.

The same goes for vanities, pedestal sinks, toilets and more. Using a simple color wheel can be very helpful in identifying a color that will contrast and add a “zing” of energy to even the most low key bathroom.

Beyond the Square

Mirrors are also something to consider during a bathroom remodel. They are going asymmetrical, geometric and taking on other, less common shapes and forms. In other words, they bring a bit of personality to vanities and add a decorative element like never before.

Enhanced Storage

Finally, among the leading trends in bath remodels is the integration of esthetically appealing storage and cabinetry. We all have loved the open storage concept for most baths, but these are not always easy to maintain or keep tidy. That is why compact, but well-designed storage pieces are becoming a hotter option. They allow any bath to maintain a minimalist look and remain uncluttered and tidy, yet also ensure that there is more than enough storage along the walls, beneath any vanities and anywhere that a sleek, well designed cabinet may be placed.

If one is planning a bath remodel in Livonia, these trends hopefully have provided some inspiration. One can think a bit outside of the box and go for something trendy and unique. When it’s time to formulate remodeling plans, one can contact an experienced bathroom remodeling team in the Livonia area. With free planning guides and more than 50 years in the industry, they can help a homeowner make the right choices about a bathroom remodel and how to use many of the trends we’ve outlined above. A dream bathroom is possible and experienced remodeling experts can make it a reality.