Even if a homeowner is ready to update a bathroom, that doesn’t necessarily mean they have thousands of dollars to spare for a big remodel job. While it may be wonderful to add an extra bathroom onto a house or update a master bath into a spa-worthy retreat, those aren’t always feasible options for many homeowners’ budgets.

The good news is there are plenty of updates that can be made that will make it much more affordable to update the room. It is a good idea to also remember that any money spent on scaling up the quality of the bathroom will also scale up the quality of the home when it comes time to sell. The following ideas are a helpful guide to what can be accomplished on a remodeled bathroom without breaking the bank.

Ideas for Livonia Bathroom Remodeling

Tile: When it comes to adding tile to a bathroom, less is definitely more as far as the budget is concerned. Limiting the amount of tile that is being put up can greatly lessen the cost of the remodel. Consider adding it where it will have the most impact, like on the shower walls or the floor. Homeowners that want a very artistic and expensive tile can cut costs by only putting it on one strip of wall or using it as an accent to a less expensive choice.

Vanities: Many contractors explain that adding granite or marble countertops to a kitchen remodeling project in Livonia can be quite costly, but if a homeowner can settle for the expensive countertop material going in the bathroom instead, a ton of money can be saved. Bathroom vanities use only a tiny portion of materials which makes it a good place to splurge. Homeowners can do the kitchen in a cheaper option like quartz and put the more expensive slab of granite on the vanities.

Repurpose: Those homeowners that like the farmhouse look or another similar rustic style may like repurposing an old dresser into a bathroom vanity. This look is quite popular, and the dressers can often be found for a much cheaper investment than the cost of installing custom vanities. The repurposed dresser can be outfitted with a drop-in or vessel sink to complete the look.

Paint: Homeowners can make a huge cosmetic difference in their remodeled bathrooms with paint. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the looks of a property, and the possibilities are virtually endless. The hues and tones of paint can be matched to any color the homeowner could possibly dream up. One thing to note, when painting the walls, ceilings, or vanities in the bathroom, there will be a lot of fumes due to the enclosed space. It is imperative that the area be kept well-ventilated during the painting process.

Fixtures: The light fixtures, faucets, towel racks, and the drawer pulls all add to the overall design of the bathroom. Updating these fixtures can go a long way towards remodeling the space. It is a good idea to purchase these items at the same time so that the sheen and color of the metals can be matched for a more cohesive look to the remodeled bathroom.

Storage: For those homeowners with a good amount of space in their bathrooms, adding some storage options may be a good choice. There are always things that are needed even though this is often the tiniest room in the house. Towels, toiletries, paper products, and bath toys can all use a dedicated space if the floor plan allows for it.

Caulk/Grout: A dingy bathroom can be made to look fresh and new again with something as simple as a freshening of the caulk and/or grout. This is often overlooked, but when it gets grimy, it can really make a bathroom look dated. Adding clean, straight lines of caulk and grout will add a lot of sparkle to a space for a relatively small cost.

Relining: Replacing a bathtub can be out of the budget for many homeowners. However, there are contractors that are able to reline a bathtub, assuming it is in good enough shape for this to be effective. Once a tub is refurbished, adding new shower fixtures can give the bathroom a whole new lease on life.

Green: One of the most important things that can be done in a remodeled bathroom is to make it more environmentally-friendly. There are low-flow toilets that can be installed to keep excess water from being flushed down the drain. Plus, there are water-saving faucets and shower heads that will not only use less water, but they will also help save homeowners money on their monthly water bills.

Accessories: Whenever a bathroom (or any room) is being revamped, one of the key things that will make the room pop is the accessories. All of the light switch covers and outlet covers can be upgraded from the cheap white builder’s plastic that was installed when the home was built. Plus, replacing old, worn doorknobs can help add a little bit of flair. These things may seem like they are too small to make a difference, but they can be nearly as effective as adding a coat of paint.

Mirror Framing: Newly remodeled bathrooms often upgrade the mirror to a very positive effect. The mirrors that are hung in new homes are generally pretty bland, but adding a frame or some other type of decorative factor to the mirrors can bring the bathroom to a whole new level. Having a framed mirror can really elevate the space and make it look much more polished and elegant.

Upgrade Your Livonia Home with an Affordable Bathroom Remodel

Kitchen remodeling in Livonia is often thought to be the best upgrade within a home, but having remodeled bathrooms can really add to the home’s appeal when it comes time to sell. Buyers tend to love bathrooms nearly as much as they love kitchens and closets. Thanks to these simple ideas, getting an upgraded bathroom doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag.

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