Benefits of Hiring a Professional Kitchen Cabinet Installer


If you’re finally getting around to transforming your kitchen into that ideal space you’ve been wanting, you may be looking at a variety of ways to cut costs and complete the project as inexpensively as possible. Kitchen remodels can be costly, and you may have a budget that limits how much work you’re able to actually get done in your space. But, if you’re looking for ways to save money on your kitchen remodel, one area that you don’t want to cut corners is in your kitchen cabinet installation. Improperly installed cabinets could turn your kitchen renovation project into a complete disaster.

If you’re considering a DIY kitchen cabinet installation project, consider these benefits to hiring a professional cabinet installer before you even start removing the first door or hinge.

Reasons to Leave Cabinet Installation to the Professionals

  1. Measure Twice and Cut Once- This well-known saying in the cabinet installation business emphasizes the importance of proper measurement with every project. Cutting mistakes cannot be fixed, and if you tackle your own cabinet installation project you’d be responsible for all replacement costs. Improper measurements can result in gaps between seams, uneven cabinet surfaces, appliances that don’t fit, or even cabinet doors that don’t open correctly. And, if you have to start the entire process over again due to an untimely mistake, you’ll be stuck waiting even longer to enjoy your new kitchen.
  2. Everything Comes Crashing Down- You don’t want your hard work to get destroyed because your beautiful hardwood cabinets aren’t hung correctly. If your cabinets aren’t installed perfectly plumb and level, your dishes, glasses, and other cabinet contents won’t sit evenly inside. An expert cabinet installer will have the skill needed to properly hang your cabinets, even if the floor and walls aren’t level. And even more importantly, if your cabinets aren’t secured properly to the studs and drywall in your kitchen, they could unexpectedly come crashing down, destroying the heirloom china.
  3. Hiring a Pro Could Save You Money- Up front, it may seem like an obvious cost savings to install your cabinets yourself, but this DIY project could be more costly than you anticipated. Do you own the necessary tools to install kitchen cabinets? Do you know what the necessary tools are? Purchasing or renting all of the tools you’ll need could put a major strain on your wallet. Plus, you then are stuck with storing all of the tools you might never need again. A professional already knows what tools are needed for the job and has them available for even the most difficult of jobs.
  4. Avoid a Trip to the Hospital- Installing cabinets isn’t as easy as you may think. Cabinets are bulky and heavy, and some kitchens have very restricted layouts. Serious injuries during installation could send you to the hospital, leaving you with expensive medical bills. The experts have the experience and tools necessary to install your cabinets safely and prevent injuries.
  5. Clean Up is a Breeze- If you choose to install your own cabinetry, you also get the unpleasant task of removing the old ones. Where do you take them? Do you put them on the curb with the garbage? How do you properly dispose of old cabinetry? Don’t worry. Clean up is a part of the professional installation process. The experts will put in your brand new kitchen and haul away the old ones.

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