7 Small Kitchen Updates That Make a Big Impact

For homeowners on a tight budget, the idea of kitchen remodeling might seem out of reach or even impossible. With the help of a kitchen remodeling professional in Royal Oak, homeowners won’t need to spend a lot of money to create a beautiful, functional kitchen that has the look and feel of a newer, updated space. Here are seven smaller remodeling options that can add a luxurious, customized feel to an older or smaller kitchen and are sure to add value to any home.

  • Create a Coffee Bar

To utilize free space under a stairway, a small kitchen corner, or an “in-between” space, many homeowners opt for the advantages and aesthetic appeal of a coffee bar. Coffee bars are self-contained coffee service areas featuring perks such as a small sink, mini-fridge, and lighted shelving, and are perfect for homeowners who regularly entertain overnight guests, or who just love coffee. A kitchen remodeling professional can help design a small coffee bar that’s perfect for any existing space and can customize features to help create a unique kitchen service area. Homeowners can add a coffee maker, brightly patterned mugs, and other service items to complete this functional, useful kitchen update.

  • Add Open Shelving or Glass-Front Cabinets

Older cabinetry can make a kitchen look closed-off or dated. Updating even a few cabinets can increase utility and storage and add a contemporary touch. A professional with an eye for kitchen design can recommend the right solution and can cater to particular storage needs or unusually-shaped spaces. Cabinets with open shelving or glass-front doors will allow for the display of decorative and useful items and can create space and openness. Neutral tones and contrasting styles can create the look and feel of a more comprehensive kitchen remodel without the expense of replacing every cabinet.

  • Replace Dated Countertops

New countertops are a highly visible change in any kitchen, yet they can cost much less than replacing older cabinetry. Laminate and solid surface finishes are colorful and easy to maintain, and can help homeowners achieve their dream space. Laminate colors and textures can be customized and different designs and materials can create a completely unique look. For the homeowner seeking a more drastic upgrade, granite, marble, quartz, and other stone or stone-look finishes and materials can add style, beauty, and functionality. A professional can help select the countertop brand, style, material, and finish that best fits with homeowners’ lifestyle and needs. The beauty of new countertops adds value to a home and can create the look of a complete kitchen remodel without the associated cost.

  • Brighten the Room with the Right Lighting

For homeowners with only a few dollars to spend, updated kitchen lighting can be just the boost a kitchen needs. Lighting updates have a transformative effect on any kitchen and can help brighten and feature key kitchen service areas. A kitchen design professional can determine where additional lighting could create the biggest impact and can customize solutions for under-cabinet lighting, kitchen bar lighting, or ceiling-mounted spotlights. This budget remodeling quick-fix can turn unused spaces or dark corners into highly functional and contemporary focal points. Updated lighting in kitchens that are adjacent to living or dining rooms can brighten these other living spaces as well and can add pop and sizzle to an open floor plan while maintaining visual continuity.

  • Update Sinks and Fixtures

Replacing an older kitchen sink or faucet can add a luxurious touch to any kitchen in exchange for a relatively small investment. Every homeowner appreciates easier kitchen cleanup, and the utility, function, and contemporary look of a low-maintenance designer sink is the perfect solution. Innovative features such as single-handle faucets, sprayers, finger-print-free finishes, and water-efficient technology create instant luxury and convenience. A professional who specializes in kitchen remodeling can explain these features and help a homeowner select the correct combination to ensure that beauty and functionality are maximized at an affordable price.

An instant hot water dispenser is perhaps the most sought-after fixture update available on the market today. Press-pot coffee and brewed tea connoisseurs will love the convenience of an instant hot water dispenser. Hot beverages are instantly available with hot water kept a constant ready-temperature and dispensed right from the faucet. Traditional kettles waste a significant amount of energy when repeatedly used, losing heat during the long boiling process. In contrast, instant hot water dispensers are energy efficient, creating savings over time while providing unparalleled convenience and style.

  • Update Appliances

Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of dated-looking kitchen appliances? An appliance update is one of the most basic redesign options and packs a big visual punch. A refrigerator with a beverage center, a range ventilation hood, or a whisper-quiet dishwasher are all quick updates that can be made at the same time, or piece-by-piece over time and a kitchen redesign professional can ensure that new appliances are installed quickly and correctly.

  • Add a Kitchen Island

A center kitchen island is at the top of many homeowners’ wish list and can add needed storage space while increasing overall countertop area. Highly customizable, islands can solve a variety of kitchen design issues and can turn empty floor space into a high-utility work area. Another benefit of kitchen islands is additional seating. An island with a bar adds convenience and space suitable for a quick breakfast, a work area, or entertaining friends. Kitchen islands with built-in appliances can include space for a dishwasher or range-top and can provide additional design options previously unavailable to those with smaller kitchens. With an array of finishes, colors, countertops, and features from which to choose, kitchen islands add value and utility.

For superior kitchen remodeling in Royal Oak, homeowners should consult with a kitchen design professional. Those wanting to redesign their kitchen space to match their needs can rely on a professional’s competent advice to ensure that every update, from countertops to fixtures to lighting, creates beauty, luxury, and comfort while presenting the best design options for a tight budget.